The rose subfamily Rosoideae includes many shrubs, perennial herbs, and fruit plants such as strawberries and brambles. Only a few are annual herbs.

The circumscription of the Rosoideae is still not wholly certain; recent genetic research (e.g. Eriksson et al., 2003) has resulted in several changes at the genus level and the removal from Rosoideae of some genera (notably Cercocarpus, Cowania, Dryas, Purshia) previously included in the subfamily. Further research is ongoing.


Eriksson, T., Hibbs, M. S., Yoder, A. D. Delwiche, C. F. & Donoghue, M. J. (2003). The Phylogeny of Rosoideae. Int. J. Plant Sci. 164(2): 197–211. Available online (pdf file)

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